Діяльність на благо суспільства та покращання життя / Activity to benefit society and improve lives
Дослідження соціального запиту на формування компетентностей у вищій освіті /
Project “Study of Social Demand for the Formation of Competences in Higher Education”
(Reg. No. 2020/p-1 from 10.08.2020)

Purpose to involve national and international representatives of scientific institutions and universities within the implementation of the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Current Issues of Education and Science” (CIES-2020), register of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (No. 22.1/10-280, Reg. No. 508 from 05.02.2020), to the study of social demand and the determination of the main guidelines for the development of student competencies in higher education.

Result   methodical and organizational issues of the project during the implementation of CIES-2020 were highlighted https://doi.org/10.26697/CIES-20; scientific paper entitled “The Impact of COVID Pandemic Consequences on Public Demand for Competence Formation in Humanitarian Education” (Journal indexed in Scopus, Web of Science) was published https://doi.org/10.21659/rupkatha.v13n4.26; the research results were made public at the 2nd Rupkatha International Open Conference on Recent Advances in Interdisciplinary Humanities, 2021, India.

Project Executors:
Pypenko I. S. - Project Manager
Melnyk Yu. B. - Project Coordinator
Stadnik A. V. - Project Technical Coordinator


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