Діяльність на благо суспільства та покращання життя / Activity to benefit society and improve lives
Дослідження впливу COVID-19 на соціально-психологічний стан спортсменів /
Project “Study of Impact of COVID-19 on the Social and Psychological State of Athletes”
(Reg. No. 2020/p-2 from 10.08.2020)

Purpose  to involve national and international representatives of scientific institutions and universities within the scope of VII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Modern Specialist Formation” (PPPMSF-2021), registers of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Reg. No. 315 from 13.01.2021) and Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Reg. No. 240 from 24.12.2020), to the study of the impact of COVID-19 on social and psychological well-being among universities’ students who are actively engaged in sports.

Result  methodical and organizational issues of the project during the implementation of PPPMSF-2021 were highlighted https://doi.org/10.26697/PPPMSF-21; scientific paper entitled “Impact of COVID-19 on the Social and Psychological State of Athletes” (Journal Indexed in Scopus, Web of Science Core Collection, PubMed, EMBASE) was published https://doi.org/10.23736/S0022-4707.21.12401-6; the levels of emotional, social, psychological well-being among students of various universities (in medical, pedagogical, economic, military fields) who are actively engaged in sports were determined.

Project Executors:
Pypenko I. S. - Project Manager
Melnyk Yu. B. - Project Coordinator
Stadnik A. V. - Project Technical Coordinator

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